Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan

I decided to link-up with the Gluten-Free Menu Swap over at Celiac Family this week! The ingredient of the week is potatoes and I've incorporated that into my menu with the chicken potpie and the au gratin potatoes. Check out the other menu's at this link: Gluten-Free Menu Swap

So, I have to confess that I've gotten a little off track with my gluten-free diet. Unfortunately, the reality of it is that this diet/lifestyle is pretty hard unless you never eat out. After my big setback with the addictive girl scout cookies, I then ate at a Chinese restaurant with a group. I did order something I could eat, but completely forgot that I couldn't have the fried wontons or the noodle in my wonton soup! Then, I ate the chicken salad at Truett's (didn't even think about whether it was G-Free or not) with crackers. Ugh, it's been a rough week all together and I've paid for it dearly. Anyhow, I think-at least I hope-I've learned my lesson!

On to this week's menu plan...

Monday: Bourbon Chicken w/ Steamed Rice
Tuesday: Chicken Marina
Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday: Country Ham w/ Au Gratin Potatoes & Green Beans
Friday: The Derby's Cobb Salad
Saturday: Chili-Lime Chicken Tacos (crock-pot meal)

I am especially excited about the Au Gratin Potatoes from "The Pioneer Woman" and The Derby's Cobb Salad. I found a copycat recipe for the Cobb Salad and I'm hoping it's a wonderful as the one at Disney!

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  1. Sorry I missed your comment (and menu plan!) last week. Your menu looks delicious. Hope you can join us again. This week we're talking about eggs and next week's theme is cookbook inspiration. Of course, you don't have to address the theme. It's just for fun. :)